Simple Changes: Episode 1- Simple Tea

Shooting Episode 1 of my new Lifestyle series, Simple Changes.

A series created for my parents and anyone else who finds themselves in the same situation of knowing they need to make the changes but not knowing how, what, why or where to start. With each episode I’m taking the nutrition knowledge I’ve gained, lifestyle changes I’ve made and first hand experiences from my last 20 years of living with Crohn’s Disease and a compromised immune system and putting it into a show to help them, and you, in making simple every day changes to live a healthier, more aware, lifestyle.

As a child and teen I struggled through constant immune system illnesses and infections. In my early 20’s I was rushed to the ER with what Dr’s initially diagnosed as my appendix bursting. Later being re-diagnosed as Crohn’s disease. Six years ago I lost over 30 lbs, had an abscess on my liver and eventually 18″ of my intestine was cut out because of my Crohn’s and lifestyle. Three years ago I suffered a severe case of shingles due to infusion treatments. My Dr advised me that I needed to continue the treatments and that the shingles would more than likely come back as a result of them.

Since that day, I have been determined to find the answers by now focusing on the source of my troubles and no longer relying on the treatments and medications to suppress my issues instead of  curing them. Through each episode I will show you the simple changes I’ve made, and provide facts and explanations, so you can get the quality you deserve back in your life. One change at a time. One habit reformed at a time. One day at a time. Eventually reshaping you into a cleaner, healthier, happier person. It’s not a diet, it’s not a cleanse… it’s a lifestyle… It’s Simple Changes.

Simple Tea BTS photo.jpg


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